Marvel Power Jug 6DS Starter Bundle

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Marvel Power Jug 6DS Starter Bundle Includes:

-  x1 Marvel Power Jug

  • 2.2L water jug with measurement indicators on the side.  
  • Now features a screw-off bottom mouthware storage container with 'Y' compartment divider to keep your mouthware organized. 

- x1 Marvel 6DS Mouthpiece

  • Get your favorite SuperHero including the Hulk, Punisher, Iron Man, Captain America, Deadpool and Spider-Man
  • Performance Mouthpiece to enhance non-contact physical sports, workouts and more!
  • Placed on the lower jaw and used for athletes that are not required to wear a mouthguard for the purposes of protection such as: Strongman, Powerlifting, and heavy weight.

 - FREE Gear Lanyard included!

  • Sport the new super, cool NAP lanyard! Designed especially to hold your mouthware case at the gym while you're training! This way, you can keep your mouthware safe and always accessible!

  • Black with New Age Performance logo. Full colour printing on both sides.
    Designed with break away release clip. As well as an additional, side-squeeze, front eagle clip.

Why choose us?

Experience The Benefits!

New Age is the only mouthware available utilizing patented dimensional stabilizer technology. This corrects, aligns, and stabilizes your jaw instantly providing enhanced body performance benefits, with less fatiguing and injuries.

Backed By Science!

Rutgers Universtiy research studies state, that proper jaw alignment has a definitive positive impact on athletic performance.


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Brittany Chipman
Awesome product!

Changed the way I lifted and I’ve already ordered more!

Ronald Tarvin

I’ve been using the 6DS for years now and I swear by it. Such an underrated tool

josh g
Power jug

Drink three or four of these a day now that i started creatine. Its clutch. Also the bottom stash compartment is great for when yu want some sour candies between sets

James Hooke

I must say I was a little skeptical before I presented this product. Upon my first use I was blown away with how well it worked. In balance alone I found I was more stable in both dead lifts and squatting. I also increased my dead lift by 15 lbs and squats by 20 lbs, and this was only after one use.

Ryan Rogers
worth every penny

The 6DS mouthpiece is everything it is supposed to be and the water jug is awesome. I dont need to keep going back to fill up my water bottle. Shipping was out of this world fast. highly recommend any products from New Age Performance.