• What is the science behind New Age Mouthware?

    90 percent of the population has a bad or poor bite, which causes a mis-alignment in your body. When you have a perfect bite, the body reciprocates with better body alignment, allowing you to perform at a higher level. The New Age mouthpiece fools the body in thinking you have the perfect bite, hence the results being instant.

  • Is there science to back up this theory?

    Yes, there are over 40 years of papers to verify that the bite is related to body alignment. New Age has taken this research and applied it to the mouthpiece.

  • How will this benefit me?

    With better body alignment, it takes away several restrictions away from the body, which will allow you to square your shoulders, open up your rib cage, for better oxygen flow, and allow your hips to align, giving you better rotation. With the end result being, increased strength, better flexability, balance and an increase in endurance.

  • Why does the New Age product only last for 3 months?

    The force of your clenching over a 3 month period will wear down the material, once that happens the bite is not stabilized, and you will notice a decrease in your performance. It is best on the average to replace the mouthpiece every 3 months if you are frequent in the gym.

  • Can the mouthpiece be used for sports?

    Yes, New Age Performance Mouthpieces can be used for all sports. The lower 5DS and 6DS Mouthpieces are for "Non-Contact Sports". The Upper Full Coverage 5DS and 6DS Mouthguards are used for "Contact" Sports. **Best piece of advice is; if you are worried about losing teeth, wear the full coverage upper New Age Mouthguards.

  • How old do I need to be to wear New Age?

    There is no age limit on who can wear the New Age Performance Mouthpiece. If you or your children are playing a sport and they need to wear a mouthpiece, then New Age Performance Mouthpiece should be the mouthpiece of choice.

  • Is it legal?

    Yes, the only case where it has been banned is in golf, as the PGA has recognized a difference in the club speed. The PGA has stated that in order for a golfer to wear a performance mouthpiece during tournaments, they need a medical letter from a dentist. However, if you do not play in the PGA, feel free to use it for your golf game, and impress your friends!

  • How does this compare to the 2 dollar mouthguard at Walmart or other stores?

    The mouthguard that you buy at a retail store, do the exact opposite of the New Age Product. They decrease your performance and make your body alignment even worse. These mouthguards do not account for the bite, so therefore there is constant shifting of the bite, this is evidenced by the fact that people chew on these guards, rather than keep them in their mouth.

  • Does the product have a return warranty?

    We know how hard you work for your money , so if you are not 100% happy with the product you can return it within 30days for a full refund on the product.