A-Salts Lanyard Bundle
A-Salts Lanyard Bundle
A-Salts Lanyard Bundle
A-Salts Lanyard Bundle

A-Salts Lanyard Bundle

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A-Salts Lanyard Bundle Includes:
- x1 A-Salts
  • "A-Salt" your senses with our new sniffing salts!
  • Ammonia HCL is a powerful compound that has boosted the performance of professional and collegiate athletes for decades. Immediately giving athletes focus, energy, and strength to blast through plateaus and set new records.
  • Usage: Press the cap open and briefly inhale immediately before performing an athletic activity. The ammonia stimulates blood vessels in the nasal passage, which can give athletes an immediate burst of energy and focus.
  • Safety Warning: Keep away from children and animals. Keep out of contact with eyes and mouth. Do not consume. This product has not been FDA approved and should not be used to treat or cure any disease.
  • Storage: Store above 0°C/32°F and below 38°C/100°

- x1 Key Chain Holder 

  • Used to hold the A-Salt bottle when wearing around your neck on a lanyard or clipping to key ring. 

- x1 Lanyard

  • Black with New Age Performance logo. Full colour printing on both sides.
  • Can be used to hold mouthware case, keys, etc.
  • Designed with break away release clip. As well as an additional, side-squeeze, front eagle clip.

Why choose us?

Experience The Benefits!

New Age is the only mouthware available utilizing patented dimensional stabilizer technology. This corrects, aligns, and stabilizes your jaw instantly providing enhanced body performance benefits, with less fatiguing and injuries.

Backed By Science!

Rutgers University research studies state, that proper jaw alignment has a definitive positive impact on athletic performance.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Matt Hunt
Game changer

Was skeptical at first. Honestly can’t see ever training without it. Great product

Thomas Helmstetter
Good salt!

Not to potent but enough to get the job done.

David Jankowski
Great Salts

Love the product, clears my head and preps me for my lifts.

Matt S.
Great deal!

All are great products. The 5ds mouthpiece definitely helps during heavy lifts and the power jug holds alot of whatever you put in it. And smelling salts surely wake you up

Jesse C.

Great product, really gets the blood pumping and you hyped up!