Power Jug & Case
Power Jug & Case

Power Jug & Case

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  • The World’s largest, most progressive hydration bottle & mouthware holder. Carry 3 pieces of your favorite mouthware and a full days water supply with you at all times.
  • Improved design and EXTRA DURABLE! 
  • 2.2L water jug with measurement indicators on the side. 
  • Shaker style Typhoon lid - with new tighter fitting locking flip-cap.
  • Now features a screw-off bottom mouthware storage container with 'Y' compartment divider to keep your mouthware organized. 
  • BPA/DEHP free material.  
  • Features large neon green New Age logo and enlarged easy carry handle with grips.

Why choose us?

Experience The Benefits!

New Age is the only mouth ware available utilizing patented dimensional stabilizer technology. This corrects, aligns, and stabilizes your jaw instantly providing enhanced body performance benefits, with less fatiguing and injuries.

Backed By Science!

Rutgers Universtiy research studies state, that proper jaw alignment has a definitive positive impact on athletic performance.

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Customer Reviews

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Its strong and durable and

Its strong and durable and its huge

Great jug

A lot bigger than what I thought, keeps water cool.


had been happy with my purchase, unfortunately, this morning I was holding it in my hand, with my arm by my side and I dropped the bottle. I definitely was NOT expecting for it to just crack open and have water gush out. You'd think for something meant for the gym, it would be able to withstand a drop from such a short distance.


The JUG of all Jugs!

This is the Juggernaut of workout Jugs! It’s substantial and it gives that appearance that your all about the business in working out when you’re at the gym. Sturdy and solid. Love the compartment for your mouth guards. NAP may want to consider offering other colors but overall a great Jug!

Awesome Jug!!

Awesome for drinking in the go or at the gym. Convenient container, and compatible with the shaker cup insert to mix those BCAAs!! The best part though....great price!