New Technological Marvel Has Jaw Dropping Results

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New Technological Marvel Has Jaw Dropping Results

Science meets technology. Distributed worldwide out of Mississauga, ON, literally thousands of people are utilizing the New Age Perfomance Mouthpiece this in order to get that extra advantage they need for true achievement.

Amateur and professional athletes as well as recreational enthusiasts alike in Canada, the United States and beyond, are chomping on a new invention that's like no other.

In sports stadiums, local gyms and just about everywhere, people are turning to something unique that is enhancing their performance in a natural way on many levels.

It's called the New Age Performance Mouthpiece and this is where science meets technology. Distributed worldwide out of Mississauga, ON, literally thousands of people are utilizing this new device in order to get that extra advantage they need for true achievement.

No matter if you are on the front lines, in the trenches, looking to excel in your sport, or trying to get your best work out, this device is cutting-edge on every level and is proving to be the newest and best technological mouthpiece going on the market.

Just ask Chris Boucher, a popular personal trainer in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). For years Boucher - a household name - has been researching and helping others with exercise and diet plans to promote healthy lifestyles.

When Boucher first heard about the New Age Performance Mouthpiece he admits he was a bit skeptical.

"We always hear about gimmicks going on like with bracelets and other gadgets that claim to offer better balance and strength," says Boucher. "However, I decided to try out this device and now I am beyond floored. I have gone from skeptic to a full believer."

So, just how can a small mouthpiece make such a huge difference for one's performance?

First, this is not your average mouthpiece. The device is placed on the back of your lower teeth. Once it's locked in, your jaw alignment is more structurally sound. Second, years of research has proven that when your jaw is properly aligned, then your body is more able to reach its peak performance.

Rutgers University recently released a research paper on proper jaw alignment and concluded it has a definite positive impact on athletic performance.

During a lengthy skipping workout, Boucher becomes tired and stops for a break. Normally he would have to wait it out to get his stamina back. This time he pops in the device and goes for another five minutes, something he normally would never be able to achieve."

"This thing is pure magic," he says while holding up the device during an interview. "I mean I am blown away with how such a small mouthpiece can make a world of difference. My workouts are longer and I feel more fulfilled. I will be introducing this new invention to all my clients who come from many walks of life."

Peter Czerwinski, known as the popular ‘Furious Pete,' once battled against anorexia and was hospitalized at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and recovered through bodybuilding. He's now a big believer in the technology behind the New Age Performance Mouthpiece.

"This device gives you better balance, strength and endurance – there is no doubt about it," he says during a phone interview from Hawaii. "You reach peak performance with it and there's no other on the market like it."

The story of how the mouthpiece evolved is historical in every sense.

It was only about five years ago that Dr. Anil Makkar, a neuromuscular dentist in Truro, NS, learned about jaw alignment and its positive impact on the body through courses he took at the esteemed Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dental Studies.

He teamed up with local a local trainer in town, Chuck Sproule, and they launched a guard that took the world by storm.

John Gruden has praised the device live on Monday Night Football. The list of notables who have used it seems endless. In the 2009-2010 season players from the New Orleans Saints, including Tracy Porter, used the device religiously and went on the win their first Super Bowl crown ever. Star athletes who have relied on the invention included Manny Ramirez (MLB), Shaquille O'Neil (NBA), Terrell Owens (NFL) and Scott McCarron (PGA). The media coverage on the guard was out of this world and drew in the attention of CNN, the BBC, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, CBC National, and the list could go on and on.

However while the guard they invented was heralded as the best on the planet, Dr. Makkar admits it was too pricey, ranging from $1200 to $2,000.

"Sure, our device got plenty of attention, but the guard was not affordable for everyone," says Dr. Makkar.

"I was contacted this past year by Robert Charlton, who is a partner at The Next Trend Designs Inc., a marketing and advertising firm located in Mississauga, ON about developing an affordable mouthpiece that could be sold to the general public. From this the New Age Mouthpiece was born," adds Dr. Makkar.

The price of the New Age Performance Mouthpiece is $49.97 and comes in a performance water bottle case. Unscrew the bottom of the case and there is the device ready for use. And today it can be purchased online at as well as at dental offices throughout Canada and the United States.

Dr. Makkar states, "There have been a lot of scientific studies on performance mouthpieces and jaw alignment dating back to the 1950s. Several research and scientific papers have clearly stated that when one's bite is in the correct position, the alignment of your body is also affected in a positive way. Our new device, worn on the lower teeth, will allow everyone to experience immediate results with balance, increased strength, and flexibility."

The invention is all about speed, strength, skill and precision, and there's that moment it all comes together. Alignment, balance, power – that's the New Age Performance difference.

Sproule indicates that people work hard in achieving their peak potential through rigorous training, diet and supplementation, careful tweaking of techniques and proper recovery. These are all essential in achieving athletic and health goals. The real problem however is that the vast majority of the population is restricted from the success they strive for due to improper physical alignment and stored residual muscular tension.

"The New Age Performance Mouthpiece takes these restrictions and blows them away," says Sproule, who has trained world renowned athletes including those from the UK who participated in last year's Olympics in London.

He adds, "When people reach the end of their workout, they experience momentary muscular failure. Once you reach the point of failure, then put in the device and you will immediately notice how the tension leaves the body. The body's alignment is more properly in tune, and you notice a huge difference right away. Your neck and face become more relaxed and your body is in much better form."

The second you put the device into your mouth, you release the tension through the face, the neck, and the shoulders, and it allows the body to align properly, and when it aligns properly the body just functions better. The device allows you to gain access to improved strength and flexibility you already have but something is getting in the way of.

Dr. Makkar says our new invention gives people the right bite.

"We have developed a mouthpiece that goes over your lower teeth and when you actually bite into it, it instantly aligns your jaw and instantaneously you have better balance. Having better balance opens the door to increased strength and stability. What athlete doesn't want that? What fitness person doesn't want that? And what's so amazing is that it's all about a little guard that makes an amazing amount of difference."

While athletes and recreational enthusiasts are enjoying the benefits of the device, Dr. Makkar knows the invention will be a hit for firefighters, the military, police forces and other professions that require demanding physical activity.

The device is already being used by people who suffer balance problems.

Mike Boyd, a patient at St. Michael's hospital, just started using it and notices a real difference. "I feel more grounded and in control. I have tried many cocktails of medications and this is the first thing that has made a real difference in my life. This new invention is not only a new technological breakthrough for the sports industry but for the medical and health industry as well," he says.

"Our biggest goal moving forward is communication and education," says Charlton. "We want to let everyone know the benefits of proper jaw alignment and how it greatly improves performance. People are always on the hunt to improve their performance and we have the device they need."

Charlton adds, "Sure there are all sorts of skeptics out there who scoff at our new product. I think everyone is a skeptic at first, but all the skeptics who have tried out the New Age Performance Mouthpiece now swear by it; they are believers. Once you use this device, there is no going back."

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