About Us

At New Age Performance Inc our goal is to develop and provide you, our customer, with products that will help you perform at your highest level, within your sport or chosen fitness activity.
After observing many people, we noticed that people were intense in their approach to training; eating the proper food, and digesting the required nutritional supplements to perform at their utmost best.
However, we did also notice one common theme, that being, that most of the people working out and giving their best were not in proper body alignment. Research clearly indicates that improper body alignment, rounding of the shoulders, and muscle tension limits the body’s overall potential.
We decided to develop a solution to this problem. We quickly realized that the body works from the top and down. In other words, if your head is tilted to one side, or your head is slightly forward from your spine, this will limit the rest of your body from working efficiently, no matter how well you diet , or take the proper nutritional supplements.
Our goal was to develop a key that would improve your body alignment and thereby unlock your potential instantly so you may perform at the highest level, without restrictions.
We found that the key was to find your optimal bite, this in turn would force the muscles of your face into a relaxed position, and therefore decrease the tilting of the head, as well as forward head posture, resulting in proper body alignment.
Thus, the discovery of The New Age Performance. A product which involves a fitting process, to put your bite into an optimal position, all of which you can do yourself. Once, you have the right bite, you have conquered improper body alignment, and can now perform at a New level of Performance.
Whether you are a weekend warrior, a dedicated athlete, or you just want to experience a great fitness workout, then we invite you to try the New Age Performance.
Expect a difference…..