A Fitness Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

A Fitness Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Gyms and fitness studios across North America, and even around the world for that matter, are now equipped with the latest equipment that promises to keep you in shape.  However, what’s interesting these days is the growing number of fitness enthusiasts who are sporting mouthpiece technology during their workouts.

This is certainly a new trend – just ask any seasoned veteran who rides the treadmill, pumps iron, or practices the seated-forward-bend during yoga class.

That’s right, the mouthpiece tech which was rather unheard of at local gyms and fitness studios, is now the buzzword, thanks to New Age Performance Mouthware. They are the leading company that offers cutting-edge mouthpieces that work for everybody – right from the pro-athletes to fitness amateurs.

No, this mouthpiece tech has nothing do with the cheaply made boil-and-bite-guards sold at sporting-goods stores. Traditional mouthguards only offer protection for contact sports, while New Age Performance mouthware tech gives you the right “bite,” helping improve your overall athletic performance. Even better, there is also new mouthware tech for the upper teeth and they offer both protection and better performance.

Mouthpiece in a Gym


Scientific research over the years proves that having the right bite, or proper jaw alignment, has positive benefits on the body, and helps improve one’s strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow.

Once you pop in a mouthpiece during your next workout, you will notice a huge difference right away. From the moment you bite down, you will feel an instant surge of energy and will be able to perform exercise routines better and for longer periods of time.

Keep in mind that traditional mouthguards don’t even come close to helping your workout. Regular guards were designed for two main purposes only: to protect the teeth, and to help reduce neurological injury (they act as a shock absorber between the upper and lower jaws). In fact, it is now widely known that run-of-the-mill mouthguards actually diminish an athlete’s performance. They do not stabilize your bite, and your lower jaw becomes unstable, and this actually makes the body more tired and prone to common injuries.

Many scientific studies over the last-half-century demonstrate the benefits of proper jaw alignment. This tech, according to several notable academic institutions, helps athletes jump higher, run faster, and it will even help your next big drive off the tee at the golf course. Yes, the benefits of this technology extends to nearly all type of physical activity.

If you are looking for the best in bite stabilization, then you should really try New Age’s mouthware technology.

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