Unveiling the Future of Fitness: Introducing the New Age Performance 6DS LOW PRO Mouthpiece

Unveiling the Future of Fitness: Introducing the New Age Performance 6DS LOW PRO Mouthpiece

Are you ready to revolutionize your workout routine? We're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, meticulously crafted for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and endurance sports enthusiasts. 

The New Age Performance 6DS LOW PRO Mouthpiece boasts a groundbreaking, thinner design, seamlessly integrating HIIT and endurance functionalities into one exceptional product.

Unlike traditional mouthpieces that cater to specific needs, our 6DS is engineered to serve both high-intensity and endurance purposes effortlessly. This versatile mouthpiece is designed for fitness regimens that encompass a variety of functional movements at elevated intensity levels.

Fitness Goals, Meet Performance Boost

Elevate your fitness journey with the New Age Performance 6DS LOW PRO Mouthpiece, tailored with your ease and recovery in mind. Whether you're engaged in high or low-resistance training in sports and fitness, this mouthpiece is your ideal companion.

Did you know that the average athlete goes through four mouthpieces annually? Over time, clenching can wear down your mouthpiece, impacting performance. Maintain your peak performance by replacing your mouthpiece every 80 hours or three months.

Key Features:

New Thinner Design: Redesigned for maximum comfort and efficiency.
6-Dimensional Jaw Stabilization: Instantly stabilizes anterior, posterior, protrusive, pitch, yaw, roll, and lateral dimensions of your jaw.
Faster Recovery: Experience quicker recovery times after intense workouts.
Enhanced Performance: Tailored for both HIIT and endurance sports and fitness.
Lower Jaw Placement: Ideal for CrossFit, high and low cardiovascular resistance training, and recovery activities.
Lateral Stabilizing Walls: Designed to minimize performance decline by stabilizing the side-to-side movement of your jaw, ensuring enhanced stability, performance, and recovery.
Improved Airflow: Optimal airflow for peak performance.
Communication and Hydration: Easy communication and hydration while wearing.
Instant Results: Notice a significant boost in overall performance.
Compatibility: Suitable for ages 13+ and compatible with retainers (not for use with braces).
One Size Fits All: Universally designed for maximum convenience.
Free Mouthpiece Carrying Case: Comes with a complimentary carrying case for your convenience.

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Embrace innovation, stability, and peak performance with the New Age Performance 6DS LOW PRO Mouthpiece. Your future of fitness starts here!

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