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So far so good

I've used it once, but got the email requesting the review. Feels weird to lift with a mouthguard in, but my teeth don't feel like they're going to crack or shatter when I'm lifting. As for the claims on increasing your lifts? I haven't tried that out or been going steadily enough to judge it.

Was the purchase worth it? Yes. If it saves my teeth, then it was worth every penny.

Great Product

Amazing mouthguard. Has helped so much with clenching my jaw and pain. It has also made a difference with my lifting. Love this product!

The best mouth piece/guard ever

This mouth piece really works it helps me from grinding my teeth while lifting and gives me that extra boost of energy! Love the 6DS

Don’t train without it…

I don’t train without it! Definitely makes a difference in my training and helping me reach my goals! Best mouthpiece on the market.


I highly recommend this mouth piece. I didn’t realize how much tension and pressure it takes off!!! 10/10

Not sure how, but it works

I have been using the 6DS for heavy lifts and found it helpful. The 5DS is great for everyday lifting. I do feel different when using it and it also helps me not grind my teeth while lifting. I love using it.

6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece

Fantastic! As someone who likes tends to bite down a lot during my workout, this mouthpiece has really helped save my teeth, give me focus, and dare I say give me an edge with my workouts.

Works for me

I have always had to put my bottom lip between my teeth to keep from clenching them. I have an over bite and grind my teeth a lot. My front teeth are very thin. I was hoping to avoid the grinding between lifts and during some, to my surprise being able to clench my teeth on the mouth piece while lifting has been great. I am not sure if it is that I no longer have to concentrate on not biting my lip off or the fact I can clench while lifting but it has made a difference in my experience while lifting and I suggest your product to all my lifting friends and family.

Easy and effective

My 6ds mouthpiece was easy to fit (takes less than 5 minutes) and is effective.


Fits perfect and better than other mouthgards I have tried and my teeth feel safe finally!
Feel very solid and balanced working out

Love this product. Will continue to use.

Lost count of how many I’ve bought now

Love these damn things. Before my deviated septum surgery these were a lifesaver during my workouts. Now with clear airways, they work even better

More Than 1 More Rep ...

As a senior lifter I review products for safety and performance before I purchase. I have followed Brian Shaw for several years on the strongman circuit along with Eddie Hall. I saw Brian on the Dragons Den program with the performance mouth piece. I recently purchased 6DS and I can say it was a significant improvement in performance and safety. I went from 2 x 3 to 2 x 5 in the bench with less pain in the jaw. I recommend this product.

5DS Universal Mouthpiece

5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Michael T Mahony
Great for lifting and Jiu Jitsu

I have used the 5DS almost daily for both lifting and Jiu Jitsu and cannot recommend it enough. I have been using the 5DS for almost three years since I saw Brain Shaw using it.


Best addition possible to my training. Worth while investment

6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece


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Very suprised

Great product. You have to make sure to get the fitting right. I tested this with pushups. I was suprised at how many more i was able to get. Would recommend to anyone trying to find ways to get stronger. I want another one

5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Nicholas Piazza
Awesome guard

Worked great from the get go, really enjoy this product will buy again.

Amazing for strongman!

Awesome product

Really works when grinding out the extra reps, also protects your teeth



Great mouth piece. I normal don’t train with one in but with the new age mouth piece I can and do very comfortable. It’s a must for strongman.