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Only used it for a week. So far, no complaints or improvements. It does the job it says it does.

It really helps when you lift instead of making all them faces when you want to get that last push or pull


The order came through quickly, the package was professionally packed , the product was amazing as promised certainly helped me while competing

Awesome Product

Immediately my bench press increased by 20 pounds and an extra 2 reps. It also helped with teeth grinding and headaches.

Works just like they said it does. Also helps me breathe better during my lifts. My son uses one too and likes it

Fits great! Very comfortable and makes a big difference when I’m training.

Absolutely amazing!! Could tell it was helping as I started using it when lifting

This really works!

I was skeptical at first when seeing the performance of the 6DS. I use it everyday now as I don’t grind/clench my teeth anymore without proper mouth support. Freakin Genius product! @freakfineman

It Works!

I've noticed, that when I might of, quit on a rep before, with the mouth, piece, I push through, and finish the set. So It Works!

Greatest piece of gear a powerlifter needs in his tool box. Highly recommend yhis.

Good delivery time

Worth it

This is my second mouthpiece, lost the first one and had to get another. I use it when lifting “heavy” and while playing adult softball. Totally recommend!!!

Works well, fitting process was well explained.

Love this mouth guard

So glad I bought this mouth guard
helps my workouts tremendously


Amazing product. The increase in strength from being able to grit down is awesome. I’ve already recommended to a few people

Bought a mouth piece for my wife.

I've been using the 5DS universal for little over a year now and I love it so much I also bought one for my wife. She is just starting strongman so I told her it was a piece of equipment that she needed.

Perfect for Crossfit

I'm new to Crossfit and had this mouthpiece recommended to me. It makes a huge difference. I tell everyone about it now.

Excellent mouthpiece

I have used the 5DS mouthpiece and it was very helpful, I basically used it till almost nothing left and certainly past the 80 hour replacement that is suggested, however this 6DS is exactly what I needed. I can tell that I have more stability for heavier lifting and I can definitely tell right away if I forget to put it in before my workout. I can tell something is lacking and then I realize the mouthpiece isn’t in but after I have it in the workout gets so much better. I highly recommend this product because I have used the other brands and those other brands are not comfortable and I would worry about breaking my teeth with theirs, but with 6DS that isn’t an issue at all.

Skeptical at first

100% sold now. Could not believe the difference. It's like lifting without a belt and then with one. Feel totally locked in. Recommend you get this!


Does exactly what it says it does

Helps me to lift heavier without grinding my teeth