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MARVEL 6DS Mouthpiece
Anthony J
Worth it!

Definitely saw an increase in my lifts. Helped me stop grinding my teeth on my bigger lifts too! Will definitely keep purchasing as needed.

Great for BJJ!

I highly recommend this product for BJJ & other grappling!

5DS Mouthpiece

Mask Sanitary Bundle
David Davis

Love the mouthpiece


Not only does it protect my teeth from grinding when lifting but I find I can strain that little bit harder deep into a set of squats. Highly recommend

Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk

Clean and last long. Love it.

This thing is amazing!!!!!

Just using the 6DS for 45 days my PR is raising and I’ll be riding more every three months tell I’m as strong as I can be.

Great product

Has helped me break through training plateaus. So many PR'S with this mouth piece.

Marvel Fitness Bundle
Donnie McMasters

Helps with heavy workouts

Mouth stability

I love New Age 6DS mouth pieces. They keep my lower jaw in place and I don’t grind my teeth together. I recommend to anyone who lifts heavier weights than the average fitness person.

Marvel Jug

This thing holds water like it's the only job it knows. Keeps it all together and is refreshing to drink whenever I need it. Bravo on a product well made.


I’ve used New Age once before and true to form the service has been great. The 6DS product is fantastic and even though i had to have it shipped to the UK delivery was faster than expected too.

The best water bottle in the market!

I received my order very fast, great packaging and quality. Also thanks for including a face mask, these are fantastic!

6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece
Jonathan Paterson

6DS Mouthpiece

Mask Sanitary Bundle
Jon Chan
Better to stock up than buy every 3 months

Best mouthpiece I’ve ever used since discovering this company. Accidentally molded my first one wrong but hopefully that doesn’t make my performance worse

Mask Sanitary Bundle
M Nixon
I love everything “New Age Performance”

Great products, great prices, and great support! The mouthpiece alone added 200 poinds to my deadlift! No…seriously!

Great tool for workouts

This is my second mouth piece from New Age Performance, and I love them. First one I got was the 5DS and that treated me very well. I felt like I couldn’t train without it. Then I got the 6DS and this one is just perfect for heavy squats and deadlifts! Love theses tools to boost performance!

I use them everytime I PR AND THEY NEVER LET ME DOWN

MARVEL 6DS Mouthpiece
Alfonso Mendoza
It works

Bite down. Hit your set. Is there really anything else you need to know?

good product

I like the mouthpiece and it is an important part of my weight lifting regiment.

5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Reginald Walbeck
Helps with the push

Recently I purchased the 5DS Mount-piece. Some of my lifting was not as effective. So I gave 5DS a try and i have seen great improvement. Weight that was impossible for me to lift I am finally doing warm ups with. Last week I leg pressed 400 lbs! It has been great!

5DS Mouthpiece

Great tool for giving you the extra push through your workouts.

MARVEL 6DS Mouthpiece
Aryana Jordan

Game changer


The mouth pieces I bought are awesome. Coming from someone who grinds his teeth while lifting weights this was a great add to my workout routine

MARVEL 6DS Mouthpiece
Joshua Googe

Love more grinding teeth while lifting