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Funnel Mouthware Case
Brian Woodall
Funnel mouthwear case

Excellent! Love this piece!

Certified & Verified!

I have been using the 6DS for a couple years now. And let me just say this is a game changer! My workouts have been implemented with added aggression. The stability my jaw has controls all my lifts. It helps me feel grounded. Will continue to repurchase as needed!

Definitely worth it!

I take this bag with me everywhere. It's the best quality bag I have tried in a long time. It'll be New Age duffle bags from now on!


it's a great product it looks cool and its the only duffle bag i use. love it

This is the best duffle bag I have

I ordered the new age duffle bag and love it! It has pockets for my shoes and is big enough to hold all my supplements. I let my friend borrow it and they don't want to give it back!! lol!

Def Works in Certain Situations

I've tried with this with multiple type lifts...dumbbell incline chest presses really surprised me as I already went to failure and immediately put the mouthpiece in and did 5 more with 100's....I'm still on the fence about deadlifts, but def helps with Yoke Walk also...being able to hold on for few more seconds means a lot with 600+ lbs on your back. Circus Dumbbell and anything overhead is also a big plus as it stabilizes you more and helps your balance which blows my mind a little, so you can focus on the lift itsself. I'm a fan and will continue to use it!

1 Year 6DS Supply - Buy 3 & Get 1 FREE
M. Coburn
Can't lift without them

I clench my teeth just crossing a street so you can imagine the damage I do to them at the gym. No lie I keep 2 in my gym bag and a spare in my car just in case!

1 Year 6DS Supply - Buy 3 & Get 1 FREE
Stu Hall
Love the 6DS

Does what it proclaims to do. Strength is up. Reps are up. Good colour choices too.

Training tool

Excellent piece of equipment!! Took my workout to another level 💪!!

Awesome choice for strongman

I got this for my second strongman contest and I was impressed with how much it helped me feel grounded. Going into the contest my goal was to try and get one rep or just finish the event. I ended up outperforming my own expectations in every event. Also talked with several other competitors using the 6ds and no one had anything bad to say about it.

MARVEL 5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Patrick Breen
Great product

Love the mouthpiece, definitely helps with my heavy push and pull workouts. Love the breathable opening.

MARVEL 5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Elijah Yoder

I have never lifted with a mouth piece because it would always choke me or take my breath but this one is different and now I don’t want to lift without it !

MARVEL 5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Doug Krause

I was skeptical, but figured I'd give it a shot. I cannot imagine lifting without it now, as essential as a belt!

Matt Hunt
Game changer

Was skeptical at first. Honestly can’t see ever training without it. Great product


I wasn't sure, but I am a fan... The difference with or without it is remarkable. Definitely recommend!

MARVEL 5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Jack L
Dependable and solid

Big Thanks To Sean B for correcting the shipping error.

Great mouth piece for weight lifting. Love the design options. Responsive and great customer service. The 5DS Felt bulky at first, but after breaking in the mouth piece it fit perfectly. I can’t go through a workout with out the use of it. I’ve used other mouth pieces in the past but it never fit correctly. The 5DS helped stabilized all my lifts. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Instant Difference

I was mildly skeptical as to how much impact a mouthpiece could have. After one training session, I could tell a difference. Within a week, I was ready to go from trying out the 6DS to stocking up for a year!

MARVEL 5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Jeff D
As advertised

Worth the money! Lifts have gone up faster than normal
Very pleased

MARVEL 6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece
Kadence Baker

I am in love with it

MARVEL 6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece
Barry Crozier
100% love

I don't hit the gym without it. It's allowed me to focus on lifting weights and squeezing it one last rep. I'm working my way towards the 1000lbs club while on a military deployment.

MARVEL 6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece
It's a Marvel

This is a fun mouthpiece that offers protection for my teeth and jaw when lifting heavy. I am in my 70s so any help I can get- I take and it seems to help me set when lifting.

5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Brady Sommerfeld
Happily surprised

I’ve been wearing the 5DS during jiujitsu and weight training for about a month. I have been noticeably calmer and more loose during my rolls, and have seen a 1 rep improvement on most of my exercises. I think it is worth trying this product out, if you don’t like it, you get your money back anyway! Thanks folks

MARVEL 5DS Universal Mouthpiece
Great design and color scheme

Awesome product as usual but def make sure you order more than one in case you don’t get it right the first time.

MARVEL 5DS Universal Mouthpiece
So far so good

I've used it once, but got the email requesting the review. Feels weird to lift with a mouthguard in, but my teeth don't feel like they're going to crack or shatter when I'm lifting. As for the claims on increasing your lifts? I haven't tried that out or been going steadily enough to judge it.

Was the purchase worth it? Yes. If it saves my teeth, then it was worth every penny.

MARVEL 6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece
Great Product

Amazing mouthguard. Has helped so much with clenching my jaw and pain. It has also made a difference with my lifting. Love this product!