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6DS Mouthpiece

6DS always helps pull thru my workouts. I can’t workout without it.


Will give a review when available, broke foot in two places the day I received my order🤪

Great Product, Works just as described. I will definitely be ordering more!

Excellent Product. Works Very Well.

Works as intended.

Product is good and does exactly what you need it for.

I ordered white by mistake and did find that seeing the teeth marks as mentioned in the instructional video were had to see. Unsure if another color would be better, also had logos in the spot that made it a bit hard to see. But minor complaint, my lifts feel a bit stronger and find my headaches are going away


Definitely feel a difference in my training, it’s like I have more power ,stabilization when i do my deadlifts ,squats ,bench , the best way I can describe it is on that last rep I have more drive power

Better then I ever thought

I had to get one off these due to my jaw injury since now lifting with this has improved, less issues now with my jaw , I recommend one off these to anyone who trains for a purpose

This works!

Was like everyone else skeptical till I used it at the gym and bench pressed more than I had the day before when I was struggling to get in 5 reps. I put the guard in my mouth and did the same weight and maxed out 13 reps. NO IDEA how this works but it does! BUY IT!

6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece
Goodwim Aldarondo
A must have!!

After using the 6ds mouth piece I dont want to go to the gym without it. Now my wife also uses one and also my personal trainer. Is a most have item for anyone lifting weights.

Mouth Piece does the job

Best mouth guard I have gotten.

Great Product!

Good Evening. I am a former multiple time National Champion Arm Wrestler just getting back into the sport after years away. In my return, I have started using your 6DS mouth guard for all of my training sessions 5-6 times per week and luv it! I have also competed while using it in my two tournaments back, the Colorado State Championships and at the Olympia in Las Vegas this past December and took first in both events. I definitely plan to continue using your mouth guard for training and in competition. Aside from
the obvious benefit of using your products while lifting, I believe your mouth guards would be very useful to any competitive arm wrestler. I am a fan, thanks for making a great product.

Ryan Constantino

5DS Universal Mouthpiece

5DS Universal Mouthpiece

Get ready…

Bite down and experience absolute power!!!!!!

6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece

5DS Mouthpiece

Love it!
Easy to make fit to my mouth and adapt to in training.

Confidence booster!!!

Great product... Easy fitment guide... Gave me the confident to lift heavier in the gym...Big fan of Brian Shaw videos and I've always seen him use this product and always wondered if it would really work and it does...I will be a returning costumer for sure!!!


Was sceptical if this mouthguard would work but for squatting and deadlifting it definately seems to give me an extra bit of power, great product and will buy again.

6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece
The Keystone Contractor
Game Changer

Great product. I can’t lift without the 6DS mouthpiece. It’s literally changed the way I train. No more clenching off the teeth and pain after. I lift harder and better. This is my second set of 5 pieces. I wore out the first 5. Lifetime user here!!!

6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece

6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece

Best fit and best product

At first I saw this product as joke but is actually the best product I ever have. No joke. Try it your self and you won’t believe it

Great Mouthpiece

I have been in combat sports for over 20 years, strength training for more than 30 years and have used a variety of mouth guards for various reasons.

This is the best mouthpiece I have ever used. I loved it so much, I purchased another two, one for my daughter and another for myself to keep on hand.

It’s not your generic sporting goods store mouthpiece, it’s high quality and durable, I bite down hard when I do really heavy weight lifting.

These my thoughts and views, for what it is worth, your teeth are important, protect them. Be smart and train hard, God Bless


Beast mode engaged

I use it 5 days a week for my workouts. Works great.

Mouth guard

Great product fast shipping, price does what it was designed to do works great when im benching