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These masks are way more comfortable and more breathable then most others. If you feel the need to wear a mask during this faked pandemic propaganda then I recommend these masks.

Excellent product

Excellent Product - Saves My Teeth

Since I started using the 6DS Mouthpiece, my bench press has steadily moved up toward 400lbs. at age 72. My dentists in the past have always inferred to me that I “grinded” my teeth at night while sleeping while, in reality, the grinding actually took place while I was lifting weights. The 6DS Mouthpiece has allowed me to safely stabilize my mouth and teeth without any grinding. As a result, I feel much “tighter” while performing lifts.

No order

I havent got my order yet, dont know if it got lost in the Mail or what

An absolute must to break a plateau

The 6DS is a must if you need to push yourself to lift more weight or knock out a few more reps. It is crazy the difference this mouth guard makes in my daily lifts. I highly recommend this product 40 bucks well spent!

best workout mask

I love the masks almost time for a new one. any coupons on deck?

Absolutely love it!!!

I’m a powerlifter so this helps me lift big weight. It’s important that I have a mouthpiece. I chipped a tooth a few years back and bought a cheap mouthpiece. After seeing Brain Shaw wear this mouthpiece, I had to invest and I’m glad I did. This is my second mouthpiece. Definitely worth the money.

Customer service

I can't review the 5d yet because of lack of gym time due to surgery 2 weeks ago. But I can say the customer service was great. Communication was great.

Didn't form

Sad to say after following the instructions on the video for forming your mouthpiece. My 5DS didn't form correctly and gives me headaches. So for me, it was a waste of money. Sorry newage I wanted to love it, but I don't. Maybe I will revisit you later for another try.


Breathing while lifting heavy is so much easier and don’t have to pull your mask off to catch your breath after a set.

6DS Mouthpiece

I find that I’m more

I find that I’m more efficient with my breathing with the mouth piece and my workouts are definitely getting better and I notice a lot more stability in my movements. The shipping was super quick! I would recommend this to everyone who cares about their teeth too

It delivers

I've gone through 3 of the 6DS mouthpieces and I love them. I actually just placed an order yesterday for a year's supply. If you fit them correctly, they do the job. Don't expect a miraculous 50lbs added to your lifts. Expect success when grinding out a Max effort attempt or adding a few extra forced reps to a Max effort set. It's worth every penny

Not what I expected

This mask is very average. Not too impressed with the quality or fit. Thought by the ad it would have been more breathable and higher quality. Really disappointed in new age.

Gym mask

Works well when doing workouts with my trainer.

Loving it

Been looking for trying various masks. This by far is the best and my fav. Working out or not

Best Gym Mask Ever

I am so glad I bought this mask! Lifting in the gym with a breathable mask is awesome.

These are great masks

I've tried several and they are the only ones that don't fog up my safety glasses at work

Easy to breathe

I can complete a full workout including cardio with my mask on properly covering my face.

Perfect for the athlete

Works amazing for all fitness related activities. I have asthma and can breathe perfectly with this on

New Age Adjustable Face Mask (2 Pack)

Never train without it


Great product, works amazingly and highly reccomend. Shipping took a while but other than that 10/10

Reusable Self-Care Mask
Mr.A’s review

❤️ it, very breathable

Reusable Self-Care Mask

Good breathable mask

Reusable Self-Care Mask

Reusable Self-Care Mask

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