Recreational athlete 1 year 5ds supply - 3 mouthpieces & get 1 free

Not for use with braces / works with retainer
(For ages 13 - Adult / one size fits all )

(This special package offer charges you for 3 mouthpieces and receive your 4th FREE)

Under normal 3-4X per week use, your mouthpiece will last you approximately 3 months

The mouthpiece is a very sophisticated technical item based precise measurements and over time jaw forces will compress it past reasonable tolerances!

Once this happens it will immediately STOP providing many of the performance enhancements you will have become accustom to enjoying!

The average person will need 4 mouthpieces to last them 1 year, the cost is $89.91 for 4 mouthpieces and if you break that down over 12 months it works out to $7.49 per month.

Legal or illegal there is no other product existing on the market for the money & the instant results of New Age Performance!

We challenge you to prove us wrong!

We recommend 2 options:

  1. For optimum results replace your mouthpiece every 3 months
  2. For beyond optimum results we highly recommend alternating each of your 4 mouthpieces on a daily basis.

NON-CONTACT 5DS Original Lower Mouthpiece.

Designed to stabilize 5 dimensions of your jaw.

Providing instant results - an overall increased level of performance!

This mouthpiece specifically positions your body slightly forward towards your toes and is recommended for any type of Non-Contact sports, cardio & endurance fitness exercises.

Impress friends and teammates with your enhanced performance… the results are undeniable!

This product is extremely effective for sports and fitness enthusiasts. 

US Patent 9022903


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