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6DS Mouthguard

The New CONTACT PRO 6DS Mouthguard

Comes with a free clam shell case and mini carabineer!

This specialized mouthguard provides exceptional impact protection and is the only one of its kind

Utilizing patented “6DS” technology to stabilize all 6 dimensions of your jaw, instantly allowing you to experience enhanced performance.

Providing results that will amaze you ….

Just some of the results our customers have seen:

*Explode off the line faster,* Increased striking power, *higher kicking range, * Increased balance,

*Overall increase in range of motion,* Added more flexibility, *Increased oxygen intake, * "Was able to run/skate faster with more stamina"

The benefits are endless!

This is New Age's latest product, using patent technology and provides consistently more overall enhanced performance than our 5DS model, utilizing the additional lateral stabilizer feature.

This mouthguard is designed for serious sports and fitness enthusiasts where protection & winning makes a difference!


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