6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece

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  • Enhances non-contact physical sports, workouts and more!
  • Placed on the lower jaw and used for athletes that are not required to wear a mouthguard for the purposes of protection such as: Strongman, Powerlifting, and heavy weight.
  • Designed to instantly stabilize 6 dimensions of your jaw including; Anterior Posterior, Protrusive, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, and Lateral.
  • Improved air flow.
  • Lateral stabilizing walls to ensure minimum movement in the jaw.
  • Able to drink fluids while wearing the 6DS mouthpiece.
  • Providing instant results – an overall increased level of performance!
  • Not for use with braces / works with retainer.
  • For ages 13+.
  • One size fits all.
  • Comes with a free mouthpiece carrying case.


Please allow 5-7 days of continued use to fully adapt to your jaw.

US Patent 9022903 / US Patent 743109 / Can Patent 156095 / Euro Patent 002691998-0001

Why choose us?

Experience The Benefits!

New Age is the only mouthware available utilizing patented dimensional stabilizer technology. This corrects, aligns, and stabilizes your jaw instantly providing enhanced body performance benefits, with less fatiguing and injuries.

Backed By Science!

Rutgers Universtiy research studies state, that proper jaw alignment has a definitive positive impact on athletic performance.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1082 reviews
Will Hobbs

Great mouth piece. I normal don’t train with one in but with the new age mouth piece I can and do very comfortable. It’s a must for strongman.

Will improve your workouts

One of the best pieces of equipment you can buy! I will never workout without it!

Cale Carriker

Protects your teeth from clenching while doing intense activity, and you feel the difference compared to a regular mouthpiece. For me, I can tell it lines my jaw up since I have an under bite and when I clench my jaw with the mouthpiece in, I feel more stable than when I clench my jaw normally without a mouthpiece in

Chase Provost

They are the best!

Shawn L
Makes a difference

I can tell that it makes a difference when I have the mouth guard in.