6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece

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  • Enhances non-contact physical sports, workouts and more!
  • Placed on the lower jaw and used for athletes that are not required to wear a mouthguard for the purposes of protection such as: Strongman, Powerlifting, and heavy weight.
  • Designed to instantly stabilize 6 dimensions of your jaw including; Anterior Posterior, Protrusive, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, and Lateral.
  • Improved air flow.
  • Lateral stabilizing walls to ensure minimum movement in the jaw.
  • Able to drink fluids while wearing the 6DS mouthpiece.
  • Providing instant results – an overall increased level of performance!
  • Not for use with braces / works with retainer.
  • For ages 13+.
  • One size fits all.
  • Comes with a free mouthpiece carrying case.


Please allow 5-7 days of continued use to fully adapt to your jaw.

US Patent 9022903 / US Patent 743109 / Can Patent 156095 / Euro Patent 002691998-0001

Why choose us?

Experience The Benefits!

New Age is the only mouthware available utilizing patented dimensional stabilizer technology. This corrects, aligns, and stabilizes your jaw instantly providing enhanced body performance benefits, with less fatiguing and injuries.

Backed By Science!

Rutgers University research studies state, that proper jaw alignment has a definitive positive impact on athletic performance.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1106 reviews
Craig Egan
Def Works in Certain Situations

I've tried with this with multiple type lifts...dumbbell incline chest presses really surprised me as I already went to failure and immediately put the mouthpiece in and did 5 more with 100's....I'm still on the fence about deadlifts, but def helps with Yoke Walk also...being able to hold on for few more seconds means a lot with 600+ lbs on your back. Circus Dumbbell and anything overhead is also a big plus as it stabilizes you more and helps your balance which blows my mind a little, so you can focus on the lift itsself. I'm a fan and will continue to use it!

James Mohler
Awesome choice for strongman

I got this for my second strongman contest and I was impressed with how much it helped me feel grounded. Going into the contest my goal was to try and get one rep or just finish the event. I ended up outperforming my own expectations in every event. Also talked with several other competitors using the 6ds and no one had anything bad to say about it.

Alex Hall
Instant Difference

I was mildly skeptical as to how much impact a mouthpiece could have. After one training session, I could tell a difference. Within a week, I was ready to go from trying out the 6DS to stocking up for a year!

Kadence Baker

I am in love with it

Barry Crozier
100% love

I don't hit the gym without it. It's allowed me to focus on lifting weights and squeezing it one last rep. I'm working my way towards the 1000lbs club while on a military deployment.