MARVEL x New Age Performance: SuperHeroes Meet Mouthware Technology

MARVEL x New Age Performance: SuperHeroes Meet Mouthware Technology

SuperHeroes have their very own secret weapons of sorts to win in the battle against all evil. And now you can have your very own too in order to beat the competition in sports and performance plateaus in the gym.

New Age Performance Mouthware just unveiled its Marvel-themed limited-edition collection of superhero mouthpieces, and since launching only a week ago the promotional campaign is already a smash-hit.

The promo for the 5DS and 6DS mouthpieces offers The Punisher, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Deadpool, and Spiderman, and sales are soaring with fitness fanatics wanting in on all the action.

The Marvel campaign further fosters New Age as the leading brand in the mouthpiece industry, and clearly demonstrates that their technology works and helps not only pro-athletes but also fitness fanatics who are struggling to improve their performance in the gym.

The concept of the technology is very simply, but highly effective: it aligns your jaw and gives you the ‘right bite,’ which enhances your overall physical performance. Research shows that proper jaw alignment improves your strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow.

This technology is also backed by years of sound scientific research, proving that when athletes utilize it, they are able to jump higher, run faster and lift heavier.

But wait, new mouthpiece technology extends far beyond the local gyms and sports stadiums. Yoga and Pilates fanatics are reporting that this tech is helping them greatly on the flexibility and balance fronts, and cyclists enjoy how it helps them tackle bigger hills, and longer distances. For the muscle heads, they like how it helps them pump more iron while protecting their teeth from grinding.

This tech delivers on its promises, and this is why tons of athletes are embracing it in a big way.

Athletes and fitness gurus are finally realizing the distinct difference between new mouthpiece technology and traditional mouthguards. Regular boil-and-bite-guards only offer protection, and actually make the jaw very unstable, which causes fatigue and greatly diminishes performance. New Age Performance Mouthware however gives athletes that extra-edge they need on the force, power, and stamina fronts. So, when the jaw is in its correct position, the body is in far better form and better performance is quickly achieved.

So, order your New Age mouthpieces today!

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