Why Fitness Enthusiasts Are “Biting” On New Age Performance’s MARVEL Themed Mouthpieces

Why Fitness Enthusiasts Are “Biting” On New Age Performance’s MARVEL Themed Mouthpieces

Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes leave no stones unturned when it comes to getting in a great workout. That’s because nothing beats the euphoric feeling of accomplishment that it brings along. To give their best, hordes of athletes and fitness freaks are ‘biting’ on the New Age Performance’s MARVEL themed mouthpieces

Now how does the mouthpiece work, you ask?

Well it’s very simple and yet incredibly performance boosting. The cutting-edge mouthpiece tech aligns your jaw, placing it in its correct position. It is proven by research that having the right biting pattern can improve overall workout performance. Research also shows that when your jaw is aligned in the most optimum position, your strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow is greatly and instantly improved.

This is what makes this mouthpiece a must have for all athletes and fitness fanatics. Just in case you think it’s only for the weight training population, you will be left surprised by the reviews on their site. The mouthpiece is used by long distance runners, yoga and Pilate practitioners, bikers, cyclists, volleyball players, basketball players, and the list goes on. You can run faster and longer, jump higher, lift heavier and push harder using the New Age mouthpieces.

Everyone wants to have that extra edge added to their performance, and this mouthpiece does exactly that. And never be fooled by traditional mouthguards. They are cheap, only offer protection, diminish performance, and cause gum and jaw injuries of all sorts. Right from the fit to durability, New Age Performance mouthpieces are leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional mouthpiece/guard technology.

Further cementing its impeccable brand trust, the company unveiled its MARVEL line of 5DS and 6Ds SuperHero mouthpieces. The collection includes Captain America, Deadpool, Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk, and The Punisher.  The limited-edition collection of mouthpieces is now all the hype, and the company has reported massive demand with orders pouring in from around the globe.

So, pick your favorite SuperHero mouthpiece and get smashing!

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