New Age Performance Launches SuperHero Mouthpieces In Collaboration With Comic Giant MARVEL

New Age Performance Launches SuperHero Mouthpieces In Collaboration With Comic Giant MARVEL

Performance mouthpiece manufacturing pioneer New Age Performance, in collaboration with comic giant MARVEL, recently launched a limited-edition collection of SuperHero mouthpieces. The epic tie-up that offers The Punisher, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Deadpool, and Spiderman mouthpieces is already a sales success with a huge number of orders pouring in. With MARVEL in its court, New Age Performance mouthware has cemented its image of being an authentic brand that walks-the-talk and is here to stay

Mouthpiece tech is rapidly picking up pace in the fitness industry simply because of the host of benefits it offers. It helps align your jaw, placing it in its optimal position which allows you to generate the ‘right bite’. With the right bite, your body performs much better, giving you that extra-edge in terms of improved strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion and oxygen flow during workouts.

Exhaustive research has proven that using mouthpieces correctly, you can run faster, jump higher and lift more weight and perform much better during your preferred workouts. The benefits of the mouthpieces extend to every type of physical training. Even yoga fanatics are biting on this technology as it helps in a big way on the balance and flexibility fronts. The popularity of this product is rapidly growing as more and more fitness enthusiasts and sport-specific athletes are using it because it really delivers on its promises.

Traditional mouthguards make the jaw more unstable which further causes fatigue that eventually leads to diminishing performance. On the other hand, New Age Performance mouthpieces offer the right technology that helps produce better balance, more force, and sits absolutely in harmony with the structure of the jaw. 

With the MARVEL heroes printed on the mouthpieces, they now pack together uber-style with ultimate performance. This is something you don’t want to miss out on!

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