Performance mouthware technology will help soccer athletes run faster, play longer, and score more goals

Performance mouthware technology will help soccer athletes run faster, play longer, and score more goals

Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world.

Also known as Football, or “Footie,” the game is strategic, exciting and intense, and has long been a way of life for millions of people. The game is fun to play and watch! This is why so many fans are glued to their flat-screen TVs, tablets and smartphones during Premier League and Major League Soccer (MLS) matches. And let’s not forget the tournaments that bring the world together: The FIFA World Cup and The Euro Cup. It doesn’t matter where you live, every country hosts a number of competitive leagues, and soccer is part of many people’s lifeblood.

The sport also has many health benefits. It lowers body fat and improves muscle tone, builds strength, flexibility and endurance, and increases muscle bone and strength. Even better, soccer will also improve aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, and will greatly improve your overall health with its shifts between walking, running and sprinting.

What’s interesting however is that amateur and professional athletes have yet to discover a little secret that will help them play longer, run faster and score more goals.

Soccer is all about speed and precision and new performance mouthware technology now on the market will take an athlete’s game to a whole new level, and will also help reduce common injuries associated with playing the game, including shin splints, muscle strains, and upper-body pain of sorts in the head, neck and shoulders.

That’s right – new performance mouthware technology will do wonders for athletes on and off the field, and will make the sport even more enjoyable.  

This technology involves a small piece of plastic that you place over your lower teeth and it actually relaxes your face, balancing your bite and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). The result: the body is better aligned and an athlete will experience improved strength, balance, range of motion, flexibility, and better oxygen flow. Soccer players spend years trying to master their game, and now they can play better in a matter of seconds while using a simple and unique performance mouthpiece.

What’s interesting is that new mouthware technology works so well that it actually fools your body into thinking it has the correct “bite.” When this occurs, the jaw actually forms a correct “bite,” aligning the body, helping improve one’s overall athletic performance. So, once you use a performance mouthpiece, you will get that extra “kick” you need for running, maneuvering on the field, and popping more goals in the opponents’ net.

The proper “bite” is what any athlete needs these days. And performance mouthware technology is no hocus pokus. In fact, this new concept is backed by nearly 50 years of scientific research.

Any soccer player who has utilized this new technology has experienced a big improvement in their game and greatly appreciates how it helps reduce post-op soreness.

Just ask Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s best soccer players! The forward, who now plays for Italian Club Juventus and captains the Portugal National Team, has been trying out different brands of mouthware technology over the years. He too has been sold on the notion of proper jaw alignment and how the correct “bite” helps with balance, speed, and stamina.

There are definitely scores of soccer players who think performance mouthware technology works like a traditional store-bought mouthguard. Wrong!

Regular mouthguards serve only one purpose: to protect your teeth – that’s it. They don’t do a thing on the performance front. In fact, wearing a mouthguard will actually hinder your performance on the field, or in any sport for that matter. While sporting one, your jaw constantly looks for the right bite and this unknowingly puts strain on the body. So, this is why you need to use performance mouthware technology for soccer – you think you have the right “bite” and your body is more free of pain endured from playing the sport. As well, you will notice having that extra-edge on the field, almost like a natural boost of energy you always wanted.

If you play soccer and want to improve your game and reduce injuries, then you should check out the mouthware technology.

You can buy all the fancy name-brand soccer cleats, shorts, socks, and jerseys, but all you need to do is spend a few dollars on a tiny piece of plastic and you will be a true winner on the field.

- Team New Age

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