Why do professional athletes chew on their mouthguards?

Why do professional athletes chew on their mouthguards?

Contact sports – football, hockey, boxing, and basketball – are all exciting to watch.

As sports fans we deeply enjoy the energy, excitement and suspense of each game that we watch on our flat-screen TVs, mobile devices, or live in-person for that matter. That’s right – sports are just about everyone’s favorite thing to check-out, especially when the “home” team is in on the action.

What’s interesting with contact sports however is how the fans and media alike are now taking specific notice of all the star athletes chewing on their mouthguards.

A case in point was during the recent NBA final playoff-series between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors. Millions of basketball fans from across the USA, Canada, and around the world tuned in night-after-night to watch the finals, and on game-six the championship title made its way North for the first time in NBA history.

While fans were mesmerized with all the slick maneuvering on the court and in awe with all the amazing three-pointers, they also questioned why players from both teams – Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry and, of course, Steph Curry, to name a few – were gnawing on their mouthguards like carrots.

So why do professional athletes chew on their mouthguards?

The answer is very simple: when athletes use them their bodies are actually trying to find the right “bite,” making their jaw move around repeatedly. Traditional mouthguards only offer protection and the scary thing is that they actually prevent a player from performing better. The more one’s jaw seeks the correct “bite,” the more they get tired, and this results in poor performance and even injuries of sorts.

This is why athletes who play contact and non-contact sports are now are turning their attention to performance mouthware technology.

Performance mouthware technology is a new concept and produces amazing results for amateurs and professionals. This new tech on the market corrects an athlete’s “bite,” placing the jaw in its optimal position, allowing athletes to experience improved performance. It is scientifically proven that when one’s jaw is properly aligned their strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow is all greatly improved.

Many athletes have TMJ issues and this is why many are trying out performance mouthware technology, which both protects the teeth and aligns the jaw. That’s right – better alignment of the jaw means better performance. What’s even more amazing is that when you utilize these innovative devices, you will not only notice improvement in your game, but you will also experience less injuries, and post-op soreness.

All you need to do is place a small piece of plastic over your teeth and your face will be more relaxed, balancing your bite and temporomandibular joints. Athletes spend years mastering their game and now with the aid of performance mouthware they can instantly achieve greatness – in a matter of seconds in fact!

What’s also really neat is that when you pop this new technology in your mouth, it actually tricks your body into thinking it has the right “bite,” and gives you that extra boost of energy. You will feel like you are high school again.

Professional athletes are hailing performance mouthware as the new “fountain of youth.”  Traditional mouthguards only offer protection, while new performance mouthware technology offers both protection and improved performance.

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  • PatJH

    Edmonton Oilers best player does it too and I believe it affects his play, vision, e.g.Can’t see the Puck in his feet, or maybe even on the end of his Stick at times, someone should show him this article to prove his Performace Suffers.

  • Robert

    I think these athletes chewing on their mouth guards is not only unsanitary, but makes them look like chuckeheads

  • Al

    I presume NHL athletes have custom fit mouth guards yet almost 100% of them just chew them like gum – no protection whatsoever. ???

  • Linda

    How could it help when it is dangling from their mouth

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