Jerry Pritchett x New Age Performance

Jerry Pritchett x New Age Performance

World renowned strongman competitor Jerry Pritchett contends that New Age’s mouthware technology is giving him more strength and power.

More strength and power – these are the key ingredients to winning Strongman competitions, and this is why Jerry Pritchett is utilizing new mouthpiece technology. 

The Arizona-based powerhouse has excelled in both Powerlifting and Strongman for over a decade and he’s now using New Age’s Mouthware tech, which he says is greatly helping him train better and harder and is very confident that it will help him take home more huge awards on the national and international stage. 

“Once I pop in the mouthpiece, I notice a huge difference right away: my jaw locks in its right position and my lifts are much better,” says Pritchett, who is now training for The Arnold Strongman USA competition at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angles, California, on January 18, 2020. The event is a major qualifier for entering the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio in early March. 

“I was very skeptical when I first heard about mouthpiece technology, but I decided to give it a shot,” he explains. “I tried out New Age’s mouthpiece and I have been using it for the last several months, and I am very impressed with this new tech as it’s giving me a solid foundation that’s really helping my deadlifts and reps.” Pritchett, who has just joined the cast of Generation Iron’s ‘Strength Wars’ Documentary, is among the growing number of athletes around the world using mouthpiece technology offered by New Age. The company’s products are hailed as the best on the market, boasting quality, style, and comfort, and more importantly athletes from all walks of life contend that their mouthpiece technology helps tremendously on the performance front.   

How does this new technology work? 

The concept is simple and yet highly effective. 

You see, it all involves having the right ‘bite.’ Scientific research proves that when your jaw is properly aligned, your strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow is greatly improved. 

That’s right – this innovative mouthware actually relaxes the jaw and puts the body in better form, which instantly boosts performance and even helps prevent teeth clenching. Once you use it, you will experience more force-power and strength output right away at the gym, fitness studio, or on the ice, field and court, and even in the ring. 

New Age offers a great line-up of 5DS and 6DS mouthpieces. The 6DS is ideal for Strongman and Powerlifters, while the 5DS devices are more suitable for gym fanatics. 

“My plan is to continue using mouthware technology since it works and gives me the results I need when training and competing,” adds Pritchett. 

“My partners have seen me wearing it and now they want one. This tech has helped me out big time and I am now telling everyone they have to try it out. If you want to take your performance up a few more notches, then this is technology that you need to ‘bite’ on.”

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