Nick Best Joins Team New Age!

Nick Best Joins Team New Age!

American professional strongman competitor and world champion powerlifter feels foolish for not using mouthware technology sooner

Nick Best is thrilled that he has a new weapon that’s now helping him pull more trucks, and lift more tires, kegs, and weights.

Widely known as the Elder Statesman of Strongman because of his age, Best has a decorated career as an American professional Strongman competitor and Powerlifter, and he is now utilizing mouthware technology to amp up his performance on the world stage.

This tech is a relatively new concept, but it’s one that is catching on among athletes for all the right reasons – it works and it’s giving people the best results they desire in their sport of choice.

“This technology is like having a switch in my mouth: once I pop it in, I feel more energized and I can lift more, and I am better focused,” says Best, who just turned 51. “A couple of years ago, all the heavy lifting affected my teeth in a bad way, and I even cracked a tooth. But ever since I started utilizing mouthware tech, all these problems went away immediately, and I have also noticed a huge improvement in my performance at the gym and during competitions. I have to admit, I feel foolish for not using mouthware technology sooner.”

Best, who is 6ft-2in and 22.5 in stone and consumes between 6,000 and 8,000 calories per day (don’t sweat it, he burns just as many calories while at the gym) is using mouthware tech offered by New Age Performance Inc. The co-star of The Strongest Man in History (History Channel), along with scores of athletes, boasts that the company’s 5DS and 6DS mouthpieces are the best on the market as they offer comfort, style, and durability.

Even better, this tech actually places the jaw in its optimal position. It is scientifically proven that when you have the right ‘bite,’ your body is in better form, and this helps improve strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow.

An added bonus with New Age’s devices is that they protect and cover your teeth, which helps prevent the wear and tear of your enamel, and they also help reduce injuries and post-op soreness since the jaw is set in its proper position. Just think, most of the population has a poor bite or TMJ issues, so this new concept is a breakthrough on many levels for athletes who want to achieve greatness.

That’s right, this tech is all about the power of the ‘bite’ and is a game-changer for athletes who train and compete as Strongman and Powerlifters. But wait, this tech is also ideal for ‘everyday’ athletes who dig yoga, tennis, cycling, hockey, soccer, football, basketball, and more!

Best holds many record-titles to his name, so when he says New Age’s mouthware technology works – he means it!

He is a back-to-back USAPL National Powerlifting Champion, and a 1st place winner of the Jesse Marunde Invitational. He has also placed first in the All-American Strongman Challenge, and has ranked and qualified in the top heap in major global competitions, like America’s Strongest Man, Strongman Super Series, SCL North American Championships, Giants Live, the Arnold Strongman Classic, and the World’s Strongest Man. Lets also not forget that he holds the International Federation of Strength Athletes World Record for the 125 kg, 75m Farmer’s Walk, with a time of 47.3 seconds. “Wow” is the right way to put it all, and there is no stopping Best from taking home more wins, thanks to new and innovative mouthware technology.

“I wish this tech was around when I played football,” explains Best. “It is a powerful device that helps big-time with force-blow and is now taking my current performance to a whole new level. I feel stronger, more energized and better overall when using it. I also really like the fact that this tech is helping save my teeth since I like to smile while on the Podium,” he laughs.

Best adds, “I am totally sold on new mouthware technology, and I will use it forever. I even like the New Age water jug that I got with my mouthpiece: I take it to the gym with me every day and use it during my workouts.”

So, if you want to get that extra-edge you need while training or competing, then you need to try out New Age’s devices.

As Best puts it: “’This tech is awesome and walks the talk.’”

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