How The ‘Right Bite’ and ‘Correct Jaw Placement’ Increases Your Sports Performance

How The ‘Right Bite’ and ‘Correct Jaw Placement’ Increases Your Sports Performance

For years athletes have believed that reaching their peak physical performance was done with sports gear and supplements, but they are now realizing that this is no longer the case.

Enter mouthpiece technology – and there’s a reason it’s the rave among athletes. You see, mouthpiece technology is helping workout fanatics at local gyms and sports heroes alike achieve greatness. It doesn’t matter if you pump iron, shoot hockey pucks or hoops, spin, or want to improve yoga exercises with ease, mouthware tech is the new ‘go-to’ solution for anyone who wants to go that extra-distance and perform better.

Mouthpiece technology is new and it’s powerfully effective, according to scores of athletes, both amateur and pro. It gives you that extra-edge you need to amp up your physical performance.

This innovation boils down to a simple and yet dynamic concept: jaw alignment. That’s right, mouthpiece tech taps into the “power of the bite,” which helps anyone run faster, jump higher, lift more, and workout longer at the gym and the yoga studio.

New Age Performance Mouthware is a leader in offering this technology and since unveiling their products they have become all the chatter at gyms and sports stadiums around the world. New Age delivers athletes with a very unique line-up of 5DS and 6DS mouthpieces that guarantee performance results. The 5DS devices are perfect for gym nuts and fitness enthusiasts who are into spinning and CrossFit, while the 6DS series are more commonly used among powerlifters, and hockey and football players.

Essentially this technology properly aligns your jaw, giving you the right bite. So, once you have the right bite, your overall body will experience improved strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and even oxygen flow, report a large number of scientific research studies and athletes.

If you have not tried out this technology, then now is the time to ‘bite’ on it. This tech works and delivers amazing results – just ask any athlete .

What’s even better is that New Age is now offering its Marvel-themed mouthpieces. So, you can pick from Deadpool, Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk and the Punisher.

Forget the gear and shakes – mouthware tech is here to stay!

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