No Matter What Your Workout Is, This Mouthware Will Help You Perform Better

No Matter What Your Workout Is, This Mouthware Will Help You Perform Better

The gym is a great place to get exercise and tone-up your body, especially during the summer months with the extreme heat. Being indoors at this time of the year lets you work-up a great sweat and allows you to work out for longer periods of time.

If you are a fitness fanatic, or a professional athlete, then you know all about the benefits of exercising at the local gym. It helps with weight loss, it’s good for the muscles and bones, and helps boost energy levels. What’s even better is that daily exercise helps improve sleep quality and skin health, and greatly reduces stress and chronic disease.

If you are a beginner, an intermediate or a professional who wants to take your workouts to a whole new level, there is new science-backed technology on the market that you must check-out.

Meet New Age Performance Mouthware – a cutting-edge-piece of technology that aligns one’s jaw and places it in its optimal position. It is scientifically proven that the right “bite” during a workout enhances strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow.

All you need to do is pop this tech in your mouth, fit it properly onto your jaw and get to work. What you are bound to feel is better jaw alignment, which immediately leads to a burst of energy that will allow you to lift heavier weights, run with a better stride and balance without much effort.   

The beauty of this this product is that it isn’t only for the die-hard gym heads. Right from Zumba, CrossFit, spinning, calisthenics, ballet to track and field and general weight training, this technology applies to all aspects of physical training. In short – it’s for everybody who loves physical activity and wants to perform better.   

The mouthware works by placing your jaw in a very comfortable position, generating a smooth flow of energy and balance throughout the workout.

Scientific studies also prove that performance mouthware technology helps athletes jump higher, run faster, and lift heavier weights. To break this down – it enhances their overall performance. Even the golfers who enjoy “hitting the links” are noticing a big improvement in their club speeds and driving distances while using it. To top things off, performance mouthware technology greatly reduces the amount of energy wasted while working out.

Performance mouthware obviously has many benefits and this is why athletes – amateur and professionals alike – are ditching the run-of-the-mill-mouthguards for this precise piece of sports tech.

Traditional mouthguards are cheap and only offer protection for athletes in contact sports, and they are certainly not welcomed at the gym.

Athletes are realizing that regular mouthguards cause stress on the body and how they diminish performance. They do not stabilize the jaw at all, and this tires the body and has many negative health effects on one’s body, both short-term and long-term.

So, if you want to train smarter at the gym, give New Age Performance’s mouthware a shot and feel the difference.

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