How the right “bite” can enhance your athletic performance

How the right “bite” can enhance your athletic performance

Just ask any athlete utilizing new mouthpiece technology and they will tell you one thing: having the right “bite” will definitely give your athletic performance that extra boost it needs.

Athletes are always on the hunt to find new products – sports apparel and new shoes – that will help them perform better in their sport of choice, or while exercising at the gym. However, cutting-edge mouthpieces are now quickly being ushered into the sports world, and this tech is getting plenty of positive reception among professional and amateur athletes, and even fitness fanatics.  

Mouthpiece technology is a unique concept – one that is now being embraced by scores of athletes, simply because it is effective and works.

This new tech developed by New Age Performance Mouthware is totally sound as it gives an athlete the correct bite. That’s right, it is scientifically proven that when your jaw is properly aligned, your strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and oxygen flow are all greatly improved.

Mouthpiece technology relaxes the jaw and this puts the body in better form. Better oxygen flow is also beneficial for your muscles and overall body, and a more relaxed jaw helps prevent teeth clenching. So this new tech reduces stress on the body, which helps on the performance front instantly.

Once you pop this tech on your lower teeth, your body will get a jolt of energy it hasn’t had in a long, long time. Athletes contend that New Age Performance Mouthware devices give them that faster force-power which greatly helps at the gym, fitness studio, or on the ice, field, and court, and even in the ring.

There is also new mouthguard technology for the upper teeth and these devices are now being used by scores of athletes in contact sports. They offer both protection and better performance.

The long list of benefits with having a proper bite is backed by nearly 50 years of scientific research involving lower jaw movement and body alignment.

Ground-breaking studies conducted with athletes using mouthware technology prove that they experience better performance with upper-body power loaded exercises, and they are even able to jump higher and run faster. Recent studies also show that golfers using these devices have both better club speeds and driving distances off the tee.

So, mouthpiece technology stabilizes one’s bite, therefore enhancing body alignment and overall performance. And never be fooled – you won’t get these results with traditional store-bought mouthguards. These run-of-the-mill guards only offer protection and don’t’ do anything at all for your overall performance. If anything, regular mouthguards confuse the jaw and actually place it out of position, causing more stress on the body, while diminishing athletic ability.

If you haven’t tried new mouthpiece technology, then you really should. Many athletes are calling it a natural performance enhancer that helps in so many ways.

You won’t be a Marvel comic hero once you utilize new mouthpiece tech, but you will enjoy a big improvement in performance, and this is exactly what you need during game-time and while working out at the local gym.

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