The Relation: Mouthpiece Technology, Jaw Alignment, and Workout Performance

The Relation: Mouthpiece Technology, Jaw Alignment, and Workout Performance

More force power and better stamina – this is what fitness nuts want when they hit the gym, and this is why so many of them are now utilizing new mouthpiece technology.

That’s right – this new tech does work and looks like it’s here to stay. The concept of mouthpiece technology involves jaw alignment and it is proven that having the right “bite” will enhance your overall physical performance.

New Age Performance Mouthware is the frontrunner when it comes to manufacturing leading mouthpiece technology. Their innovative mouthpieces, which are both durable and comfortable, align your jaw, placing it in its optimal position. The result: improved strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and breathing. ability.

New Age’s line-up of Marvel-themed mouthpieces are a huge hit among fitness nuts.

It’s For Everyone!   

Don’t despair, New Age’s tech is not just for the die-hards at the gym or ironman competitors – it’s for everyone! Yoga buffs use it for better balance and flexibility, golfers on the links chomp on it for slicker shots off the tee, and basketball players pop it in their mouths so that they can jump higher and dunk more hoops. It doesn’t matter your workout level or sport – the treadmill, spinning, football, tennis, hockey, soccer, cycling, or boxing –mouthpiece tech is sound and gives everyone the results they want on the performance front.

New Age offers an impressive line-up of 5DS and 6DS patented mouthpieces. The 5DS series is designed specifically for sports or workouts that require some extent of communication, like basketball, tennis, Squash, golf and badminton.  While the 6DS mouthpieces are more suitable for those into contact sports and heavy weightlifting. New Age’s technology is backed by years of scientific research on jaw alignment and their products boast quality and style for today’s gym heroes.

New Age just launched its Power Jugs that are perfect for your workouts at the gym.

Welcome The Marvel Jugs!

The latest edition to the Marvel line of New Age Performance products are the sleek looking 2.2 litre Power Jugs. Not only do they look stunning, but they also get the job done – get you hydrated!   They are on sale now, so go ahead and hydrate like a hero!

Get your mouthpiece today and get ready to go the distance. You will be impressed!

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