Want To Tap Into Your Peak Physical Potential? This Mouthpiece Can Help You Unlock It

Want To Tap Into Your Peak Physical Potential? This Mouthpiece Can Help You Unlock It

Peak physical performance is often talked about in fitness circles but is rarely achieved. Blame it on lesser recovery from hard workouts, or simply lacking the right equipment that can help you amplify your efforts. Sounds about reasonable, right? For the same reason, athletes are totally amazed with new mouthpiece technology that’s blowing up on the fitness scene right now.

To anybody’s surprise, this mouthpiece actually taps into the “power of the right bite,” which results in athletes lifting heavier, running faster, and reporting an overall performance boost.

Though this technology is relatively new, some of the World’s strongest athletes swear by its effectiveness. And not only pro-athletes, even the fitness enthusiasts are betting their money on this product.    

New Age Performance Mouthware is one company that’s the front runner when it comes to manufacturing top quality mouthpieces. The market of quality mouthpieces is still limited and this company is widely known for offering the best products that are comfortable, durable, and boast pure performance.

Jaw alignment and creating the right bite for boosting performance has been backed by research as well. So essentially, this technology aligns  the body by generating the right bite, which instantly gives an athlete better force and strength output.

New Age’s line-up of 5DS and 6Ds mouthpieces have satisfied athletes from all walks of life! While the 6DS works best for heavy lifters, like power lifters, strongman, arm-wrestlers and rowers, the 5DS fits right for everyday gym activities, ranging from weight training to Zumba, Pilates, aerobics, spinning, to even CrossFit.

If you haven’t tried out this new tech yet, then now is just the right time to do so. New Age recently unveiled its Marvel-themed mouthpieces. You can pick from Deadpool, Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, and the Punisher – and go that extra distance you dreamed of at the gym and in sports.

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