You never knew how the alignment of the jaw can directly impact your workouts

You never knew how the alignment of the jaw can directly impact your workouts

When it comes to amplifying exercise performance, the truth is that there are only a handful of things that can help you do that.  One latest piece of sports & fitness tech that’s hot on the market right now is ‘performance mouthpiece’ technology.

Without making a whole lot of noisy claims, like most do, this mouthpiece tech helps boost your performance at almost anything fitness. Right from Stretching, Jogging, Walking, Weightlifting, Yoga, Pilates to High-Intensity Training workouts, this tech walks-the-talk. Performance mouthware is catching on in a big way these days as athletes – amateurs and professionals alike – enjoy getting that extra-boost energy that adds to their efforts in the gym.


The best part about the New Age Performance mouthpiece is the fact that it doesn’t make any hard-to-believe claims. You will not become He-Man upon using it and nor you would smash through the walls like The Hulk. What the mouthpiece does once you place it over your lower teeth (or upper teeth for contact sports), is that it aligns the jaw in such a manner that you can generate more force than what you usually do. This helps in getting in a couple more reps while you weight train, balance yourself well while dancing, thrust the peddles harder while you cycle and push yourself harder while doing CrossFit, etc. Simply because force generation applies to all types of fitness activities, the mouthpiece can be used for virtually anything that’s fitness related.

Years of scientific research also highlights that this tech opens-up the airways, prevents teeth clenching, and aligns the jaw. Taking in more air helps the muscles work in sync, and a more relaxed jaw decreases the stress on the body. In short – a more relaxed jaw relaxes the body and in turn offers positive results on the performance front.

Additionally, research proves that those who utilize this tech can run faster and longer, lift more weights, and even jump higher. Even golfers rave about it as it helps them smash longer drives off the tee.

Athletes using New Age Performance Mouthware contend that this new tech is a “must-have” for the gym and in any sport. They really like the fact that their performance greatly improves and how it significantly reduces muscle fatigue, soreness, injuries, and post-op soreness.

What’s interesting now is how athletes are noticing the big difference between boil-and-bite-guards and performance mouthware technology. Traditional mouthguards only offer protection – that’s it. Mouthware tech however offers protection and enhances one’s physical ability on the ice, field, court, and at the gym. Now that’s a good deal!

Sure, there are many companies out there who are offering new mouthware technology. However, the one that stands out of the crowd is New Age Performance Mouthware. Right from the Strongest Man in The World, Brian Shaw, to top notch Canadian and US athletes swear by their product.

So, give performance mouthware a try – your body will be glad you did.

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